Each one has a different standard of beauty, but surely we can all agree that captivating eyes usually give a higher score. That is what Anastasiya Knyazeva possessed. At just six-year old, this Russian girl caught the attention of the whole world because of her beauty.

Anastasiya is very popular in social media, even gaining more followers than some celebrity. In her short time on Instagram, she already garnered 480,000 followers. At a young age, she is currently modeling under the President Kids Management.

Fashion experts were wowed by this kid with hypnotic eyes., but her mom Anna guides her career carefully. Anna usually takes her child’s photo and publishes them on Instagram.

The young model is so adored on IG, she receives thousands of likes every day. She even becomes a fashion statement with moms wanting her hairstyle and outfit for their own children.

Many may dispute about the title, but just one look on these pictures below from her Instagram account would truly justify her earning the title.

Anastasiya is contending with another young Russian model named Kristina Pimenova for the said title. Pimenova now resides in the United States after reaching supermodel status also due to her pretty face. She is now eleven years old.

One thing for sure, both young beauties have very mesmerizing sets of eyes that look alive even on photographs. They are also very talented when posing on camera which not many children of their same age can do.