The final list of human rights abuse victims during the dreadful event in history, the Martial Law that was declared during the Marcos Regime was released on Monday. The victims was set to receive compensation for the abuse they experienced during the Martial law amounting to 10 billion pesos recovered from the stolen wealth recovered from the family of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

The Human Rights Victims Claims Boards (HRVCB) Chair, Lina Sarmiento, noted that the amounts of financial compensation ranged from 176,000 pesos to 1.76 million pesos and they approved 11,103 of at least 75,730 claims filed with the board. The money that will be used in funding the compensation claims would come from the 10 billion pesos in the Marcos Swiss Bank account seized by the government.

Sarmiento said the board issued Resolution No. 16-2018, which contained the final list of the claimants.

The compensation amount would vary from the weight of the crime committed to the claimants. The victim of enforced disappearance and killings gets 10 points, victims of torture gets 9 points, arbitrary detention victims gets 3 to 5 points and victims of other rights violation will get 1 to 2 points.

Sarmiento reminded all claimants on the final list to open a regular savings account with the Land Bank of the Philippines branches that are nearest to them and submit copies of savings transactions information (STI) to the HRVCB to ensure full reparation payment.

Qualified claimants were instructed to email the HRVCB’s STI to [email protected] and call the HVRCB hotlines (02) 373- 4847 and 0999 – 5059- 737 for details regarding their claims and the compensation they will receive.

Sarmiento also reminded the claimants that the board only recognizes eligible claims based on documents the board gathered and they scrutinize the claimant’s stories before granting approval for compensation. The board also warned that they may file a case against fake claimants.