Three few months after its lead singer, Chester Bennington committed suicide, Linkin Park has officially released the Carpool Karaoke episode they shot with comedian Ken Jeong. The episode taped just less than a week before Bennington’s death.

The episode shows three members of the band, Mike Shinoda and Joe Hahn, along with Chester riding along with Ken. Chester appeared with no signs of depression, and was even having fun as they drove around. He even talked about his children, and what he hoped for them.

“For me, I just want my kids to find something they are passionate about,” Chester answered when asked if he wanted his kids to go into music.

The group sang some Linkin Park songs including Numb, In The End, and Talking to Myself. They even pulled over to dance some moves choreographed by Ken.

WATCH: Carpool Karaoke with Chester Bennington a few days before he committed suicide.

On July 20, Bennigton was found hanging from a door separating his bedroom from his closet. Although it was known to his close friends and family that he was suffering depression, he did not manifest suicidal tendencies days and even hours before he took his own life. He was even scheduled for a photo shoot with his band mates that time. Fans were also awaiting their ‘One More Light Tour’ which was cancelled due to the unfortunate circumstance

In fact, his wife even shared pictures and videos of the late singer having fun with his children before his untimely death.
Source: Talinda Bennington

Depression, when left untreated or ignored, often ultimately lead to suicide. If you or someone you know suffers from depression or suicidal thoughts, do not dismiss it but rather seek for professional help.