We are all guilty of doing it. We browse over our newsfeed, see one seemingly hilarious meme and click like or share. None of us would bother checking what the story about a meme or a picture is. After all, everyone finds it funny and we just got to be on the bandwagon.

However, it turns out that some memes that we just stumble upon the internet have more stories behind it than we can fathom. After knowing the story behind it, we would feel shamefully guilty of even chuckling just a bit over the picture.

Dubbed as ‘Meth Curry’, this meme has been another popular one taking over the internet.

Source : NY Post

This is the same story for a man who was picked over his great resemblance to basketball star Stephen Curry. You would think he would gain praises and admiration over this fact, but it was actually the opposite. This guy was almost skin and bones, thus he was dubbed as ‘Meth Curry’ as people assumed he gained his appearance because he was a drug addict.

After suffering backlash and ridicule among netizens, the man behind the meme finally broke out his silence and decided to use his new found fame to good use.

His uncanny resemblance to basketball superstar Stephen Curry made him infamous all over social media.

Source: NY Post

Leon Mitchell, dubbed by netizens as ‘Meth Curry’ is actually a cancer survivor. In 2005, he suffered from nasopharyngeal carcinoma which made him lose a lot of weight, especially around his face where his cancer formed.

“I’ve struggled deeply for years with the devastating effects cancer treatment plagued my body with,” said Leon Mitchell.

The photo which was made into a meme was taken during the time he was undergoing chemotherapy.

He posted another photo on his Instagram account about his chronicles as a cancer survivor. On his post, he said due to his strength, he was able to overcome the cruel jokes that spread on the internet. However, he knew it would be detrimental to just about any person who would be on the same place as him.

This is the real story behind the cruel meme that netizens had been spreading.

Source: Leon Mitchell Instagram

His post collaged three pictures entitled, “The Meme,” “The Cancer Survivor,” and “The Successful Business Owner.”

Mitchell is now a proud owner of his own business K.N.O.E. Clothing. He also is an advocate and positive motivational speaker sharing how he endured and conquered everything he had to go through.

Now, maybe you would think twice before clicking that Like and Share when you see another cruel meme.