Social media was once just another medium for communication. However, as technology progresses with smart phones enabling us to connect to it 24/7 and internet connections everywhere we go, social media became a life of its own.

So it’s no wonder how we feel a certain amount of rejection whenever we get unfollowed or unfriended in Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Maybe it was the selfie overload being posted every two minutes, or the political posts being shared every day, there could be a myriad of reasons.

But having too many people unfriend and unfollow you meant you could be doing something wrong on social media. It could be that or just someone’s jealous of your life. You could just ignore it and move on, right? Nope, you’re actually dying to know those who ‘rejected’ you on social media.

So here are they ways to know who unfollow you:


There is a website called Who Unfollowed Me. Simply visit the site and connect your Twitter account. It would check the list of your followers the first time you login, and would check the list again and compare it with your previous list. They also offer a premium service that will keep track of all your unfolllowers.


Deleted is a Chrome extension that you could add-on. It notifies you real time every time you lost a friend. When you see a friend on a list, give him or her the benefit of the doubt. He or she might just have deactivated his or her account. Luckily, this app extension also tells you that. Simply click the link to see if your friend just temporarily deactivated or you were outright deleted. (ouch!)

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Just like the site Who Unfollowed Me, UnfollowGram requires you to log-in to their website and sync  your Instagram account. The site would take note of your current followers and would check and inform you who unfollowed the next time you login.


Who got tired of your endless drama on your Tumblr blog and finally decided to unfollow you? Stalker is here to give you the answers. Just like the other sites, you need to login and sync your Tumblr account. But aside from telling you who unfollowed you, it also lets you know who isn’t following you back and blogs that are already inactive.

After you have seen the list, don’t go into a breakdown and start confronting those people who unfollowed you. They probably have a good reason for the deed. Or you could have been posting too many selfies and you should consider toning down a bit.