Majority of people around the globe suffers from insomnia or having a rather difficult time falling asleep. Some people opted to take pills or alcohol to help them sleep. Sleep is very important for the body to recharge and regenerate torn tissues. Lack of sleep will cause fatigue, weight loss, poor coordination, memory loss and many other health complications. Let me help you with these tips in getting that precious good night sleep.

  1. Create a Routine

The first thing you need to do is create a routine wherein you set a specific time to sleep and to wake up and do this in a repetitive manner. It is important that you maintain regularity in your sleeping pattern so your body-clock will remember the routine. So the next time you go to bed, set off an alarm for the desired time of sleeping and waking up and follow it no matter how active you are around that time.

  1. Meditate

Meditation relaxes the body and mind to help you sleep better.

  1. Darkness


The mind rest best in the dark since human naturally sleeps at night. Furthermore, darkness helps in the release of a hormone called Melatonin that helps in maintaining the healthy timing of sleep.

  1. Sleep in a cool room

You will notice that you sleep better in a cold room rather than the room where it’s hot. This is because the cold relaxes the mind as well as the body by helping lower your temperature and reduces tension.

  1. Do not drink beverages with Caffeine

Everyone knows that Caffeine keeps you alert and awake so drinking coffee after dinner will keep you mind active. Although you might be asleep after drinking a cup of coffee, you will notice that you wake up the next morning feeling drained and tired. This is because caffeine being a stimulant not only keeps the mind active but it also blocks your brain from having a deep sleep.

  1. Avoid drinking Alcohol


Contrary to the popular belief that alcohol helps in sleeping, alcohol actually does the opposite. Alcohol is categorized as sedative. It does not really help you sleep but it only knocks out your brain that’s why when you’re too drunk and managed to sleep, you will notice that you will have a fragmented sleep due to nausea and vomiting, it also blocks the Rapid eye movement that’s associated with dreams.

  1. Do not stay in bed


You need to re-learn to associate the Bed from Sleep. Staying in bed will make the brain think that awake and bed is associated making it distracted whenever you lay in bed.

  1. Do not use Smartphones and Computer in bed


Using smartphones and Computers in bed makes the brain think that it’s still day time. Because of the brightness that screen emits. The brain will learn to associate the light from the LCD to daylight.

  1. Read a book


When you can’t still fall asleep, go to a different room and read in a dim light. Do not read in bed. This will help you relax and make you sleepy.

  1. Make sure that your bed is clean and comfortable


Of course, the secret to a goodnight sleep is a clean and comfy bed.