Samsung unveils their Avengers Edition of the Galaxy S6 Edge after fake designs by netizens had currently surfaced on the internet. The new sign bares golden edge and hot red color offered for the limited time only.

In time for the Avengers Age of Ultron movie, Samsung woks hand in hand with Marvel to bring the consumers what they had been asking for.

According to Samsung’s Lee Min-hyuk, the talked about Avengers Edition had been introduced to the market on Galaxy S6 World Tour Seoul a month ago.

The character themes are sure to capture the interests of the Avengers fans with the themes including the favorite heroes like Hulk, Thor, Captain America and Iron Man.

The rumors on the release of the Avengers Editions had started when various uploads of made up designs had circulated on the net.

The designs were specifically created for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. According to Lee Young-hee , Marketing Manager of Samsung, they might be working with the Marvel to make more themes exclusive for Samsung and can be created as an app to give more options to the consumers. Avenger fans can easily change their themes should the Marvel app be launched.

Slash Gear shared on their post that the newest Avengers Edition might not be available in all countries including the United States. Certain themes like with the Iron Man theme will be available in only certain countries. These editions are likely to be limited in the US.

Source: Android Authority