When a partner cheats, the most natural thing to do is to confront him or her and get to the bottom of the problem. But as we have previously learned, Japan has a totally different way of solving things.

Just like the one of a kind company that can only be found in this East Asian country. Instead of tackling cheating problems in usual ways, they offer to make your spouse or partner’s other man or woman be the one to take initiative and break up.

It is no secret that cheating is a huge and unforgivable problem among couples.

Source: Pakutaso

Yes, you read that right. The other person will be the one to go far away from your partner with the help of this unconventional company. The best thing is it is so subtle; no bloodshed is bound to arise.

This Japan-based company called Ginza Ladis 1, a private investigation services company which will also help sort out your relationship problems for the right price. They offer to break up another relationship for a price using professional actors and elaborate schemes.

The actors hired by this company are all professionals, thus success of the project can be guaranteed.

And by ‘elaborate schemes’ we mean James Bond type of spying, fixed meet ups, police cars and helicopters. They put together a scripted story for the other person to trust their accomplice. Once the actor/actress become really close to the subject, they would then convince and encourage the breakup of the extra-marital relationship.

Using carefully planned tactics, extra-marital affairs can be destroyed.

If the service sounds good to you, perhaps the fees won’t be. Fees range from 380,000 yen or US$3,376 which is more like a trial method (30 days and see what happens) to 8.6 million yen or US$76,419 which offers a successful outcome in 240 days.

If you get the cash, then better head to their website and book their services. However, remember the saying, “Once a cheater, always a cheater!”