Walt Disney’s first ever homos3xual character did not proceed without backlash, particularly in the conservative country of Malaysia. The live animation remake of the Disney Classic ‘Beauty and the Beast’ has been viewed negatively by the country’s censorship board after its director disclosed that one of its characters is openly gay.

According to the film’s director Bill Condon, Le Fou, the lead villain’s sidekick Gaston, is confused about his s3xuality. The remake would show an ‘exclusively gay moment’ by Le Fou as he makes reference to his affection for Gaston.

Disney Pulled Out ‘Beauty and the Beast’ From Malaysian Theaters After Requests of ‘Gay Censorship’
Source:: Disney

This did not play well with the Malaysia’s Film Censorship Board which gave a P-13 rating for the movie after requesting an approximate 4 ½ minutes cut from a scene with a ‘gay moment.’ At that rating, children below 13 years of age can only view the movie if accompanied by a guardian.

Chairman Abdul Halim Abdul Hamid told Associated Press.

“It is only one short scene but it is inappropriate because many children will be watching this movie,”

However, instead of giving in to the film review’s request, Walt Disney Co. has decided to pull out Beauty and the Beast from theaters in Malaysia.

Source:: Disney

“The film has not been and will not be cut for Malaysia,” Disney said in an emailed statement.

Due to the cancellation of the movie screening, refunds would be given to customers who purchased tickets in advance.

Malaysia is one of the countries with a strict law against homosexuality under both secular and religious laws and punishable by prison sentence or corporal punishment. Gay characters can only be shown in movies if depicted negatively or repented.

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However, Disney would not budge. As Director Condon pointed out, the movie is about inclusion, going deeper, and accepting people for who they really are. Thus, doing so would violate the same message it is trying to spread.