We have seen all sorts of weird videos in the world thanks to the internet. Some are fake, some disturbing, and some are just plain dumb-founding.

And just when we thought we have seen it all, someone else uploads another video that got us face-palming, scratching our heads and questioning what we know about the world. This is one of those moments that left our jaws hanging.

Someone from Thailand uploaded a video of an unbelievable scene we never thought we would see outside Animal Planet. The footage shows a snake being eaten by a frog. Yes, that was not a typo.

The predator becomes the prey. This poor snake was lunch for this hungry frog.

Source: YouTube ScreenGrab

And if that was not weird enough, while the snake was halfway through the frog’s stomach, a cat torments the poor victim. The curious feline must be passing by and could not really believe what it was seeing.

Double murder. If it’s not bad enough, a cat hits the head of the snake being eaten by the frog.

Source: YouTube Screengrab

So while the cat distracted the snake, the frog gorged his living lunch and they became the tag team of the century.


We all have the same question.Do frogs really eat snakes? Thankfully, we have Google for that. Apparently, this was not the first time the fierce predator became a prey. Though frogs have been long popular as snake food, it can always turn the other way around.

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This tree frog gorges a 3-foot snake.

Source: Tree Hugger

In the cat’s case, they are just curious by nature. They are known to attack snakes just because they look like a squiggly toy waiting for a pick-me-up and drop-me-off moment.

And for humans? They are just there to document, share, and feel the moment. Quite frankly, we are in the middle of disturbed, giggly, and confused about the world we are living in.

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