If you happen to be planning to make some minor repairs, major renovations or even erect a new building or structure in the Philippines, there are some legal process that you need to go through before even hammering that first nail. Although it might seem like a major hassle, there is a good reason why the government requires a building permit.

We all know that structures like houses and building shelter us from natural disasters. Alternately, a sub-standard construction can be risky for those who reside or work in that area. Thus, it is important that they are all in compliance with the requirements set by the National Building Code.

In order to have a continuous construction of your house or infrastructure, and not be halted by a fine or restraining order from your municipality, better follow these simple steps to secure your building permit.

When you plan to build a house or a building in the Philippines, you need to know the process in obtaining a Building Permit.

First, prepare the necessary documents that are required for your permit.

1.Building Permit Forms (5 copies), Electrical Permit (3 copies) and Sanitary Permit (3 copies), duly signed and sealed by engineers concerned.

2.Five sets of complete Detailed Plans

3.For Two-Storey Building:

Structural Design Analysis – signed and sealed by Civil Engineer at every page

For More than Two-Storey Building:

Boring and Plate Load Test
Seismic Analysis

4. Proof of Ownership of Property:

Photocopy of Transfer Certificate if Title (TCT)
Photocopy of tax Declaration of Property-lot (Certified True Copy) – 5 copies
Photocopy of Current Tax Receipt (5 copies)

Note: If the property is not registered under the name of the applicant, you need to submit 5 copies of any of the following:

Contract of Lease
Contract of Sale
Affidavit of Consent of the Lot Owner for the construction of building/house
Deed of Absolute Sale

5.Permit Billboard

6.5 Copies of Bill of Materials and Specification- signed and sealed by an engineer or an architect

7.Locational Clearance

8.Photocopy of PTR# and PRC license of project engineers and architects

9.Clearance from DPWH (if construction is located along National Highway)

10.DOLE Clearance

After you have prepared the necessary documents, you can now start processing your building permit.

1.Obtain a checklist and application forms from the municipal office your structure/building would be erected. Your documents would need the municipal’s seal, so make sure that the forms your engineers and architects would fill up came from them.

2.Proceed to the Office of the Building Official and submit your documents. You would need to go to the Assessor’s Office.

3.After they have received your requirements and application forms, you will be issued an Acknowledgment Slip which would indicate the status of your application. It usually ranges from 5 to 10 working days.

4.Once approved, you will be given an order payment to pay the building permit fees. Fees may range from Php 6,000 and above depending on the construction size, location and assessment plan. You should pay them at the Treasurer’s Office.

5.Bring a copy of the Official Receipt to the Office of the Building Official releasing section. You would need to wait for another 5 working days before you can claim your building permit.

You would experience much less hassle if you prepare all the necessary documents before hand and be aware of the procedure before processing your permit. This way you can avoid rejected applications which can add more waiting time before you can get your permit.