We often think of kids as innocent and adorable, saying the most innocuous things all the time. But one thing they are yet to learn is the art of subtle way of telling the truth without sounding downright sarcastic or offensive.

But it might be our fault because we teach our kids not to lie. So if they say something truthful that might burn us, we shouldn’t take offense. After all, the apple does not fall far from the tree.

Such is the dilemma of these parents who shared conversations with their kids on social media. Their kids turn mundane conversations more hilarious with savage comebacks. Some were downright brutal, while others are just plain hilarious. Check out the tweets below!

We can’t blame the kid from asking again.

Because Elsa kicks ass! Girl Power!

I hope the flight wasn’t intercontinental.

Now, Daddy has to wash his face!

This kid’s marriage is going to last when he gets old.

Thank you for the gruesome reminder…

Sounds completely logical!

Admit it, you’re also guilty doing this antic!

Kids can really remind you of the things you want forgotten!

And that’s how future lawyers and politicians are born.


If the parents were the ones who said this, they would probably end up in jail!

Yeah, what’s the point in yelling now?!

Tough choices moms have to make!

That’s just meaner.

Way too savage!

Their conversation until the kid turns 18.

When your kid chose a kitten over you…

We are still not sure if she will grow up as an old maid or have the perfectly normal marriage.

Perfect point!

The sarcasm just fantastically oozes.

Imagine his shock when it reaches 60!

At least she can read the time.

Imagine when the kid turns eighteen!

We don’t have to wonder what the mom’s voice sounds like.

Thanks for rubbing it in!

Someone’s looking forward to the divorce.

Another perfect and indisputable logic!

Yes, break the family with pink hearts.

Of course, we hope that these kids will outgrow their sarcasm. If not, it will surely be a future chaotic world!

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