We usually use social media to look cool among our ‘friends.’ In this part of the world, we can portray any image we want, thanks to filters and Photoshop.

It doesn’t mean we can get away with it, though. And if we get caught, the backlash is huge. This was the lesson learned hard by rapper Bow Wow.

Living the High Life. Shad Moss aka Bow Wow posted this update of his trip on Instagram.

Source: Instagram / Shad Moss

Bow Wow recently posted a picture on Instagram implying he was flying on a private jet. Unfortunately, a Snapchat user spotted him on a regular commercial flight and things escalated pretty quickly.

But he wasn’t traveling solo after all. He was spotted on a commercial flight and found out he just Googled some pictures.

In honor of the rapper’s epic fail, netizens have shared their own ‘faking the rich life’ photos and tagging it with #BowWowChallenge. The images are so hilarious; you might be inspired to have your own, too!

How many bottles do we need to consume before we pass out?

Source: Twitter / @totobarr

This actually crept us out!

Source: Twitter / @katxenos

Then I have been to countless concerts, too!

Source: Twitter / @fashoookayyy

Love doing this when I was a kid!

Source: Twitter / @itsJimmyJay

Pretty much my fridge right now!

Source: Twitter / @thelilyhieatt

Of course, only the sports of the rich and the famous.

Source: Twitter . @TheMarshalGolf

It only works if you actually applied to college.

Source: Twitter / @TheOnlySherrod

In all fairness, McDonalds is a Fortune 500 Company.

Source: Twitter / @Heavyfoot1

We are all millionaires somewhere else.

Source: Twitter / @angelinetutran

He should have used a more realistic brush, but not bad!

Source: Twitter / @muminuh

What’s a luxurious life without your very own yacht?

Source: Twitter / @TimStark12

That disappointment on his face on the second pic, though!

Source: Twitter / @iammcjin

At least his kitchen looks nice enough!

Source: Twitter / @TreMelvin

We all have that stash of cash hidden somewhere.

Source: Twitter / @NycDontLuvU_

I’m stuck between laughing and shaking my head.

Source: Twitter / @Mira_bo1

You know things got real when even CBS anchors join the challenge.

Source: Twitter / @CBSCourtney

And the classic faking your bae.

Source: Twitter/ @SuperChris2291

We need to get out and be in touch with nature some times. (Or not!)

Source: Twitter / @amyepowers

I can imagine the disappointment on the waiter’s face.

Source: Twitter / @wanangwa

When you can’t afford that MacBook…

Source: Twitter / @Real_King_SA

The magic of photography.

Source: Twitter / @Indi_comments

You forgot to close the window!

Source: Twitter / @antologies

Off to Maldives in a bit!

Source: Twitter / @patricepannell5

An advisory to all my friends!

Source: Twitter / @Rachel_Edilia

There are hundred ways you can do to get a Macbook even if you can’t afford it!

Source: Twitter / @JesufemiOtii

With this concept, we can all afford to pamper ourselves!

Source: Twitter / @Saint_Louisan

Another one of those faking their baes…

Source: Twitter / @patricepannell5

Can’t stop laughing at this one!

Source: Twitter / @ComicLuisPowell

Don’t forget to tag along your supportive friends!

Source: Twitter / @miketjnr

So this may make you think twice before faking something. Which do you think was the best #BowWowChallenge entry?