Take it from the word of a dog owner, having a pet dog is one interesting and mostly hilarious journey. Aside from the love and loyalty that these pooches give, one will surely have a more enjoyable life with them.

Thus, we came across a collection of memes that shows the hilarity of having dogs and what they might be thinking all the time.

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1. We all have this kind of day…

2. Someone got too excited!

3. This is why we have trust issues.

4. The look after a betrayal!


5.Nothing cuter than a scaredy dog!

6. Because those squirrels are sneaky plot-murderers!

7. Seriously?! What do you mean I can’t buy this estate?!

8. Not today, bro. Not today.

9. Because unknown to us, the game of catch is harder than rocket science!

10. I have seen this look before!

11. Err.. maybe he just likes his space.

12. “I’m outta here!”

13. The feeling is so mutual!

14. We all have someone like this in our lives.

15. And you are always too late!

16. Forgive me, please?

17. Again, those evil squirrels!

18. That always works!

19. Guilty as charged!

20. That bad hair day!

21. Somehow, the dog always knows.