Technology has only boomed within the last few decades, which means that we are living in a generation where some older people never grew up with computers. Of course, it doesn’t mean they would never use one in their lives. With computers and smart phones taking over rapidly, it is quite impossible.

But what do you get when you mix an older generation with technology? Possible epic fails! Though we might be spanked by our grandma for laughing out loud at some of these hilarious fails, it is just really hard to contain.

Here are some photos that chronicle the struggles of our beloved elders. But hey, this could be you too, if you are not a tech fan like most of your co-generations!

1. This netizen shared how her grandma ‘bookmarks’ pages. Quite impressive, really.

Source: braverthanbrave

2. Meanwhile, this grandmother puts ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ whenever she searches anything in Google.

Source: ben john

3. This grandmother can’t seem to adjust the time on her phone correctly.

Source: ImRachelGreep

4. This Dad just gave up searching how to turn-off the heart shaped front camera so he just let it be whenever taking a picture. Here he is showing off his new stove.

Source: ZDaetWiler

5. Grandma-friendly remote control now available at stores near you!

Souce: 5JoKer730

6. One advice from this grandmother when dealing with technology? Take baby steps.

Source: Feathers

7. Zooming in on an iPhone never felt more like Sherlock Holmes.

Source: JapanMan195

8. Here’s how mom makes us just give up on things.

Source: SalienKill

9. Sent the slowest picture message ever. But hey, it’s a mirror selfie!

Source: misstinkles420

10. “Whose cellphone is this?” Grandma asks.

Source: turkeysandwiches

11. Grandpa was told the computer is frozen. Here he is trying to remedy the situation with a blow dryer.

Source: Time To Break

12. We are recognizing a pattern here. Grandmothers like taking mirror selfies! But this one took it with her front camera.

Source: Reddit

13. This mom was trying to send a picture of adult diapers to her son, so he could buy it. She made it as her profile picture instead.

Source: billpillbill

14. Mom has to learn the hard way about emojis.

Source: halfscaliahalfbreyer

15. So here is Dad getting his first camera phone.

Source: sheturnedmeintoanewt

Laugh out loud while you can. Pretty sure after a couple of more years, our younger counterparts would also laugh at us for awkwardly using the hologram phones and telepathic computers. But until then, millennials, be kind and patient with the baby boomers.