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Golden Retriever enjoys its bath under the warm sun

Whether you are a dog lover or a person who loves animals in general, you won’t be able to resist the cuteness of this Golden Retriever as it enjoys its bath under the warm sun.

According to the YouTube uploader Rumble Viral, Newman, the Golden Retriever is having the times of its life as it swims around a tub of water. The oval basin seems to be just the right fit for a retriever who wants to relax at a dog park. You’ll see the dog wading around with a satisfied smile as is saying how much it loves the water. Some viewers speculated that the dog would even love the beach.

The video has caught the attention of many viewers and some had left their thought about the video. While some just shared how cute they think the dog is, other could not resist but wonder if the owner could give the dog a bigger pool to enjoy.

Golden Retriever as it enjoys its bath under the warm sun.

Some viewers could not help but notice the color of the water and started various speculations. Others hope that the brown water did not directly come from the water hose. A few think that the dog had a well-deserved bath if it is dirty.

Golden Retriever enjoys the bath

However, one viewer pointed out that the most important thing is that the Golden Retriever enjoys the bath and people should appreciate that the owner had an effort to take care of the dog.

Golder Retrievers are known as a popular breed of dogs used for as guides for the blind, in search-and-rescue and in hunting. They have a joyous and playful approach to life and even maintains its puppyish behaviors even though they reached adulthood.

Newman, the Golden Retriever, has caught the hearts of many viewers as it innocently appreciates a simple bath given by its owner.

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