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Poorly Dressed Man Ignored By Salesmen Ended Up Buying a Harley Davidson With Cash

It sounds like a scene from a movie wherein a young woman dressed in cheap clothes was ignored and insulted by a saleswoman only to return and brag about her expensive shopping spree. These kinds of stories are quite pleasing to know because it teaches us a thing or two against stereotyping people.

But this time, the movie scene has happened in real life when a shabbily dressed old man got ignored by salespeople after looking around various motorcycle shops. Wearing an oversized shirt, worn out grey pants and a pair of flip-flops, anyone would easily conclude he could not afford any of those expensive motorbikes.

Every salesperson ignored this shabbily dressed old man as he walks into motorcycle shops.


The man went from shop to shop just looking around, but unfortunately, no one paid any attention to him. That was until he reached another big bike shop with a staff that treated him warmly and nicely. The prospecting customer did not even take ten minutes to decide. He pointed at a Harley Davidson and paid 600, 000 Thai Baht (US$17,500) straight out from his pocket.

One happy customer. It only took some friendly accommodation to convince the man to get a Harley Davidson paid in cash.


That’s some hefty commission for those non-judgmental sales agents who chose not to stereotype their customers based on the clothes they wear.

The modest and hardworking man went home with his new and expensive big bike!


The story became viral after the man’s sister posted it online. The modest Thai man named Lung Decha is a hard-working mechanic who partially retired from his job. He decided to use his savings to buy himself his dream big bike.

This is a good lesson to everyone involved in retail sales; never judge your customer based on their appearance. It pays to be courteous, friendly and accommodating to everyone who walked in the store because you can never really tell who are the potential buyers and not.

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