Society has dictated on us standards of beauty, and often times those who are considered beautiful are more favored than those who are not. These double standards hinder us from seeing the inner and true beauty of other individuals.

This is so true for guy who has been asked out by a friendly, but geeky-looking waitress at a local coffee shop. The nerdy woman expressed interest on the man, saying that she was new in the city and perhaps he could show her around.

This average-looking woman gathered all her guts to ask the man out, but was poorly rejected.

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The man apologized and said he was busy. He even added that he needed to see his mom in the hospital after his work was done. The poor lady walked away in shame.

A few moments later, another woman walked towards the same guy, but unlike the other geeky lady, this one was sexy, pretty and self-confident. The supermodel-like woman expressed the same interest over the guy.

Another gorgeous-looking woman also expressed interest to the lucky guy, but what would his response be?

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But unlike the man’s first response, the gorgeous lady was received warmly. They instantly clicked and the guy agreed to accompany the woman to a restaurant nearby. However, he failed to notice one important thing.

Watch the full video here: NERDY WAITRESS VS. SUPERMODEL PRANK

Call it karma or just a sick hypocritical prank. It is somehow an eye opener to the society of double standards and stereotypes that we live in. Because of it, we fail to notice diamonds in the rough right in our faces.

Although some may argue that the guy was just being polite, thus the white lie. It would be much harsh if he rejected the waitress abruptly, right? But he came up with an excuse instead rather than rudely telling her that he is not interested.

Was he a jerk or just being real? What is your take on the matter?