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    Suspects in Atio’s hazing murder under NBI protection

     September last year when the news about University of Sto. Tomas (UST) law freshman Horacio ‘Atio’ Castillo III’s death perturbed the country. Many are outraged by the tolerance of the university in hazing that caused the death of hundreds of youth. The 22-year-old law freshman died after attending a supposed “welcoming rites” of the Aegis […] More

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    730,000 Filipino Children Now At Risk Due to ‘Dangerous’ Dengue Vaccine

    Dengue is one deadly disease common to the Philippines, with hundreds of thousands being infected each year. This mosquito-borne illness has claimed thousands of lives in this tropical country. Hopes were up when a dengue vaccine was discovered in 2016. However, that hope quickly turned to fear as reports of the said vaccine being defective […] More

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    President Duterte Asks China to open a Third Telco in the Country

    Consumers from the Philippines have little choice when it comes to choosing an Internet Service Providers (ISP). That is because the telecommunications industry in the country is conquered by only two big companies. To break this supposed duopoly, President Rodrigo Duterte has asked the Chinese government to open a third telecommunications company in the country. […] More

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    Filipina Maid Sues Former CEO Employer for P16 Million in Underpaid Wages

    Household help makes life easier for those who can afford it. Although most housemaids are lucky enough to work for employers who treat them well, some ended up the opposite. Such is the case for a Filipino maid who claimed to have worked eighteen hours a day, but was severely underpaid by his employer. Elvira […] More

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    Diabetes Breakthrough: New Wonder Drug Significantly Improves Health of Sufferers

    Diabetes is such a debilitating condition because sufferers could only rely on insulin for maintenance the rest of their lives. Thus, the medical community is raving about this latest breakthrough. British researchers have unveiled a ‘wonder drug’ that has the power to lower blood sugar and promote weight loss in just three months. This simple […] More

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    Watch: Chester Bennington’s Carpool Karaoke Finally Released by Linkin Park

    Three few months after its lead singer, Chester Bennington committed suicide, Linkin Park has officially released the Carpool Karaoke episode they shot with comedian Ken Jeong. The episode taped just less than a week before Bennington’s death. The episode shows three members of the band, Mike Shinoda and Joe Hahn, along with Chester riding along […] More

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    Here is a First Look at the Modernized Filipino Jeep

    The traditional jeepney is possibly getting a brand new make over once the government’s PUV modernization program takes place. These prototypes were shared by the Philippine Parts Makers Association. Jeepneys or jeeps are the most popular public transportation in the Philippines since 1945. They were made from U.S. Military jeeps after World War II. This […] More

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    Japanese Reporter Overworked to Death After 159 Hours of Overtime

    We often hear the phrase ‘work yourself to death’ and we would associate it with a colleague or even ourselves who clock in many hours of over time work. This may sound like a good thing since hard work pays off eventually, right? However, a Japanese reporter proved that working too hard can really be […] More

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    Saudi Arabia Finally Allows Women to Drive

    In most countries, driving a vehicle is such a mundane task that we do not really give it much importance. However, in the conservative country of Saudi Arabia, driving was a privilege granted to only men. That was until the country eased out the restrictions on women driving after a royal decree has been issued […] More

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    You Can Get Parasitic Infection Called ‘Crypto’ Even in Chlorinated Swimming Pools

    Splashing in the pool has always been a perfect way to cool down for summer. However, recent news about diarrhea outbreaks is being linked to cryptosporidium parasites in swimming pools. According the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the parasitic infection known as ‘crypto’ has been on the rise in the United States. The parasite […] More

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    UAE Plans To Tow Iceberg From Antarctica To Harvest Fresh Water For Their Citizens

    The United Arab Emirates is one thriving country when it comes to economic status. However, they also face third-world problems; clean drinking water. This is no surprise considering the location of UAE, which is mostly arid land. It also joins the list of countries with scarce water supply, with less than four inches (100 mm) […] More

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