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    Taylor Swift finally speaks about her discord with Kim Kardashian

    Famous Pop Star Taylor Swift has some very intriguing feud with some famous persona in Hollywood. From the very controversial antipathy between her and Katy Perry to the never ending feud with Kim Kardashian. Although she might have settled the score between her and the Katy rivalry, Taylor still has a long way of having […] More

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    Fashionista into Royalty

    Rachel Meghan Markle, is a retired actress who played small roles in several American television series. She portrayed the character of Rachel Zane on the legal drama series ‘Suits for seven seasons. Remember Me and Horrible Bosses in 2017, etc. She is set to wed one member of the British Royal Family, Prince Harry. In […] More

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    Top 5 Korean horror movies that will make you crap your pants

    We have been getting a lot of K-drama feels this year since the K-industry releases good dramas one after the other. But, romantic films are not just Korea’s film industry excelled at. Did you know that they also make some pretty scary movies that will scare the living daylight out of you? Well, get ready […] More

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    Say goodbye to sleepless nights with these tips.

    Majority of people around the globe suffers from insomnia or having a rather difficult time falling asleep. Some people opted to take pills or alcohol to help them sleep. Sleep is very important for the body to recharge and regenerate torn tissues. Lack of sleep will cause fatigue, weight loss, poor coordination, memory loss and […] More

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    Jollibee Food Hacks

    Many Filipino loves dining at Jollibee, the most famous fast food chain in the Philippines but let’s admit that although it is affordable, we still want to find a way to dine in our favorite store with our allocated budget and get more than we usually receive. After all, it’s not being cheap, it’s being […] More

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    Restoring iPhone by using iTunes

    Did you forget your iPhone’s passcode then tried a few codes but ending up disabling it? Or you may have an old iPhone that you want to open again but it’s disabled. Then, you’re in luck because in this post, I’m going to teach you how to restore your iPhone by using iTunes. There are […] More

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    Ace your exams with these 10 tips in effective studying

    Every student experiences pressure over exam periods or regular classes for all those achievers out there. It is due to these pressure, be it peer pressure, expectations, and etc, that one loses concentration and eventually, interest. We find it hard to make ourselves remember past lessons and important notes. Sometimes, (and it’s based from my […] More

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    Who’s the real VP? Vote recount begins

    The long awaited vote recount for the Vice Presidency following the electoral protest filed by Senator Bongbong Marcos against Vice president Leni Robredo has finally officially started after being delayed three times now. Originally scheduled in February and was moved to March 19 and at last, the recount finally begun this Monday, April 2. Senator […] More

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    Fish spa spreads HIV and Hepatitis C

    Garra rufa also known as Doctor Fish, a small species of cyprinid fish have been integrated into a spa treatments since the early 21st century. They feed on the skin of the patients and used to treat psoriasis. There are many benefits of Fish Spa such as, removing dead skin, heals cracks in the feet, […] More

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    GOT7 bagged their first win this 2018 with ‘Look’

    GOT7, a worldwide known K-Pop group have yet again proved that they are artistically talented beyond imagination as they made a new comeback track entitled “Look”, a song written by Got7’s leader JB. GOT7 came back with a stunning album entitled Eyes On You, their very first this 2018. This amazing album featured “Look” as […] More

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    Irregular period causes infertility

    Doctors advised their patients to consult a specialist if they are experiencing irregular menstrual cycle along with intolerable cramps as it may be a sign of an illness that can cause infertility or the inability to produce a child among women. According to the doctors, irregular period may be a sign of Endometriosis, a disease […] More

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    Suspects in Atio’s hazing murder under NBI protection

     September last year when the news about University of Sto. Tomas (UST) law freshman Horacio ‘Atio’ Castillo III’s death perturbed the country. Many are outraged by the tolerance of the university in hazing that caused the death of hundreds of youth. The 22-year-old law freshman died after attending a supposed “welcoming rites” of the Aegis […] More

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